Some frequently asked questions will be answered here.
Q: Why should I upload my Id document ?

By law everyone attending an auction, whether live or online should submit FICA documents including a valid copy of your Id.

(Also refer to our Privacy Policy)

Q: I am struggling to upload my Id document ?
A: The main reason for this is that the system will only allow for a file size of 2mb or less.Please try to reduce the size of your file and try to upload it again.
Q: I have registered but cannot bid (Account on hold) 
A: Without uploading a valid ID document you will not be given bidding access. Should there be an outstanding invoice on your account bidding access will also be removed. Should this be the case please contact administrators before making a payment as goods could have been resold allready.
Q: What does bidder access pending mean ?

Once your registration is completed it will remain in "Pending Status" until an administrator has validated and approved your registration.

This could take a while depending on the time of day etc.

Q: Why does certain lots end later than specified time ?

Whenever a bid is placed in the last 2 min of a lot time, the system will automatically extend the lot time by 3 min to ensure that the previous highest bidder has the opportunity to counter bid, should he wish to.  This extension is also valid in the extension time.  This function is also know as "sniper protection".

Q: What is auto bidding ?
A: Auto bidding is a feature in our auction that automatically bids on your behalf.
Q: How do I set my auto bid ?
A: Click on the gear icon, located under the lot time. This will open the auto bidding slot.  Enter the maximum amount that you are willing to pay for the lot. (keep in mind the 10% commission that will be  added to the bidding price).  Place your bid.
Q: How does auto bidding work ?

The auto bid feature bids on your behalf. Each time someone bids against you, the system will automatically place your bid, until you have either won the lot, or your maximum amount has been reached.

Note that although other bidders can see that there is a autobid set on your username, they can not see your maximum amount.

The system will not automatically jump to your highest bid, but simply bid against another bidder in the specified increments on your behalf.

If it occurs that 2 individuals bid for the same amount on an autobid the system will give the first bidder preference.

Q: Who is bidding against me ?
A: Select the small hand icon on the lot. The bidding history will be displayed, and you will be able to see each bid that has been placed on that lot.
Q: Why does the site seem slow to load ?

Though there can be multiple factors involved we sugest you check your " lots per page selection"

This can be set at the bottom or top of the page, right hand corner after the last lot apearing on that page.

Select the amount of lots per page according to your signal strenght. eg - for slower connections don't select more than 18 lots per page.

Q: What is " My Watchlist " ?

Once you have placed a bid on a lot, it will automatically be listed under your active lots.  This is also known as a "watchlist".

This feature allows you to keep an eye only on the lots that you are interested in, instead of the complete auction.

Note that you have to place a bid on an item in order to add it to your watchlist.

By removing it from your watchlist does not mean your bid has been deleted but simply that you do not wish to keep an eye on it anymore.

Q: Where do I find my invoice ?

Once all the lots have been finalized, the system will automatically generate bidder invoices.

(This will take aprox 15 min after the finalization of the last lot)

Invoices will only be generated once the entire auction is completed.

Select : Menu / Auction / Bidder Invoices.

An email with your invoice will also be mailed to the registered email adress.

Q: How do I pay ?

Payment methods available are : EFT / Cash and Card.

Keep in mind that all goods have to be paid within 48 hours after the conclution of the auction.

Should this not be honoured, your profile will be permanently deactivated and you will no longer be able participate in any future auctions.

Q: Where do I collect ?
A: Goods can be collected at 16 Karee Str, Pumulani, Pretoria.
Q: How do I arrange for courier ?

Should you wish for us to assist you with a courier you are welcome to contact us via email or per whatsup for a quote on courier services.

Should you wish to arrange your own courier, please let us know in order for us to get your parcel ready for collection.

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